Thursday, May 6, 2010

From A Shy Stutterer To A Competitive Public Speaker With Toastmasters International!: And now a professional public speaker!!

I used to be so shy that I couldn't say 5 words without stuttering very badly. In my high school I was probably one of the most introverted students on the campus of Cordova High School in Rancho Cordova in California.

In my life I have learned how to over come my obsticals that were in my path to happiness.


As a child I was told "I wasn't tall enough in comparison to my little brother who grew to 6'8, I wasn't light skinned enough to meet my caucasian looking grandfather, I was stupid, I wouldn't grow up to be much and a host of other totally and deeply self esteem destroying words from my parents.

It was no wonder that by the time I reached high school I was a introverted STUTTERING book worm.

But, that isn't what I was born to be. I believe all of us were born to greatness. If my life is an example of the obsticals that can be overcame then I totally believe we all have greatness within us.

I have learned to channel my greatness through public speaking.

Toastmasters international has put me on the path of my purpose in life!

I joined Toastmasters about 3 years ago. I had taken some public speaking classes in college and wanted to develop into a public speaker.

One thing lead to another and I didn't persue that path. I did read tons of books on speaking during the 20 plus years before I joined Toasmasters International.

In looking back on my own life I had always been drawn to public speaking. Even as a kid I admired African American preachers who could move audiences. I read about the ancient greeks and their love with public oration.

When I joined Toastmasters International I came out winning 13 speeches in a row that first year and went on to compete and win up to the division level with my speech titled "Someone's Calling." This inspirational speech was about the need to find our purpose in life.

I competed in the Toastmasters International contest a year ago with my speech titled "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda." This speech was about the need to not put off your dreams now but go for them.

My public speaking career as I now call it has been growing in leaps and bounds. I am part of a pilot test program of public speakers who are speaking at Borders BookStores, here only in Sacramento California.

I have read tons of books on public speaking. Over the years I have accrued tall bookshelves in my home full of books on public speaking.


In my personal business I have been using public speaking and Toastmasters International to build my own businesses through doing free speeches and either recruiting clients or selling my products on the side.

In watching the movie "The Secret", and studying the metaphysical laws of the universe I fully believe what brings most people to Toastmasters International is that their life is calling to them. Just as I said in my first competitive speech.

Your life is calling to you each and everyday. Why do you think you really joined Toastmasters International?

If you are a member of Toastmasters International and your serious about becoming a professional public speaker let me recommend a product that helped launch me on my path.

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Since I have been working Fred Gleeck's program I have moved into speaking at borders book stores of all places as one of their premier speakers, and I am only just beginning.

I plan to be speaking all over the country within the next year from using the time saving and super packed full of information and ideas within his program!


P.S. As of today May 7th 2008, I got a call from The Sacramento Learning Exchange. They are a private seminar organization that hosts seminars for public speakers. They promote the classes and take 33 and 1/3rd percent.

They had turned me down not long ago but thanks to the help from this program I have been accepted and am meeting them this friday to discuss teaching one of my seminars there!!!!

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